Melissa Nohr, JD, CHC  

Melissa is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, researcher and writer, attorney, wife, and mother of four. 

After ten years working as a litigation attorney, Melissa pursued her interest in health and nutrition by attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. At IIN, Melissa learned from the world’s foremost nutrition and personal development experts. Melissa has continued her education in holistic health and nutrition with hundreds of hours of continued study and completion of the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute and the Institute for Nutritional Leadership. She also completed the Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis course with the Metabolic Healing Institute.  

Melissa has worked with numerous individuals in developing and maintaining nutrition and lifestyle changes to meet their health goals. At Exodus Health Center, she supports clients in figuring out what their personal health and wellness issues are and how these issues affect them holistically. She assists clients with developing nutrition and lifestyle strategies to overcome these issues and guides them through the process.  

Melissa works with clients both locally at Exodus Health Center and long distance via Skype or telephone. She supports and guides clients in developing and maintaining nutrition and lifestyle strategies to meet their health goals.  

Personal life  

Melissa is very passionate about health, as she has struggled from her own health issues. The stress of a busy litigation practice, having two sets of twins, and struggling with food addiction issues all contributed to her health problems. After spending years and thousands of dollars searching for answers and treatment from conventional medicine, she turned to holistic medicine. Melissa learned everything she could about nutrition and holistic health. Through this process, she overcame her food addiction and worked through restoring her adrenal, gastrointestinal, and brain health naturally. It has been a journey and is still being lived out every day.  

Melissa is board certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches and the Association of Health Coaches for Christ.  

Melissa has a passion to support individuals who have disordered eating patterns or other issues surrounding their relationship with food. Melissa served as a Lasting Freedom Group facilitator with Finding Balance, an eating disorder recovery program. Melissa and her family attend North Metro Church.  

If you want to work with Melissa and get a customized health plan to achieve your goals then we recommend our Customized Nutrition Plan Consultation.

Initial Consult: $299

  • 60 Minute Skype or Phone Consultation
  • Customized Health Plan in Document Form
  • Membership to one of our online health programs ($97 value)
  •  10% discount on product purchases
  • Includes 30-minute review of history and metabolic questionnaire.

This is the best value. This package deal offers a $40 discount when purchased together. You receive all that is offered in the Initial Consultation as well as the 3 Month/3 Hour Coaching Program. This package includes:  

• 60 Minute Skype or Phone Consultation • Customized Health Plan • Membership to one of our online health programs ($97 value) • 10% discount on supplement purchases • 30-minute review of health history and metabolic questionnaires and recent labs • An additional 3 hours of coaching calls to be used in the following 3 months after the Initial Consultation. • Email support to answer any questions regarding the individualized program • Fee: $660 ($40 Discount when purchased as a package!)

Some of our clients just have some quick questions, they want to get addressed. If this is you, then you can jump on a call with Melissa and she will do his best to answer your questions and help you accomplish your health goals. 

Here are the fees for Melissa's conference calls. You can do these calls individually or as a group. Once on the call, the floor is yours to ask as many questions as you like in the time spot allotted.


$150 for 60 minute session 

$80 for 30 minute session 

Melissa does longer coaching plans to help ensure clients achieve their health goals. Email her for more information on these programs. 

Fee: $400 3 hours of consultation time (can be 30 or 60 minute consultations) to be used within three months.  

Fee: $750 6 hours of consultation time to be used within six month period.  

Fee: $1400 12 hours of consultation time to be used within 12 month period.  


I am so grateful for the coaching relationship that I have with Melissa. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started to research holistic, natural treatment alternatives. I found Dr. Jockers’ website and was encouraged by the wealth of positive, encouraging, and faith-filled information. Desiring a personal connection with a supportive coach, I contacted the Exodus Health Center and was given Melissa’s contact information to set up Skype coaching calls.  

I consider myself blessed to have met Melissa. She is very gracious, compassionate, and motivating – and incredibly knowledgeable. Melissa took the time to understand my health history and designed a customized health plan for me, which I am 100% committed to along my healing journey. She is helping me understand the root of my health issues and encourages me to make the right decisions moving forward. I thank God for putting Melissa in my path, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and support with their health. 

Kathleen G.  

I can’t say enough about the help I’ve received from Melissa Nohr. I’ve suffered for years with UTI’s and I was tired of going to the doctors for antibiotics, just to have the UTI come right back. I knew there had to be a root cause and I started praying about it. I truly believe the Lord led me to Dr. Jockers website. I started communicating with Melissa via phone and emails in 2018. She really cares about getting to the root cause of your health issue and immediately starts working on a protocol for you. Anytime I had concerns or questions she was quick to respond with answers. It was such a relief just to know someone was really walking alongside me on my path to finding answers and healing. Now I can’t remember when I last had a UTI! I praise the Lord and I thank him for caring and knowledgeable people like Melissa and Dr. Jockers!  

Tina J. Manchester, Ga  

Melissa Nohr was recommended to me by my sister over a year ago. She has been such a big help to my family. I cannot say enough about how sweet and caring and knowledgeable she is. My son was having some problems and after some testing and talking with her, she sent us a protocol to follow with supplements, diet, and lots of information. She really helped him when nobody else was able to. Since then, she has always been there either by phone or email to answer any questions or help in any way she can. I feel like she really has a caring heart for people. Anytime I have a question, I know I can email her and she will always respond very quickly. Whenever I’ve talked with her on the phone, she really listens to what I am saying. I can’t even say enough good things about her. If you are looking for a health coach to get you on the right track, I highly recommend her. She has truly been a blessing to my family.  

Donna V. Ray City, Ga  

After three years of traumatic experiences, I was physically and mentally exhausted and in the winter of 2019, I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. I went from the couch to the bed and traditional medicine was not helping me. I was desperate and determined to get well. I prayed a lot and I searched the internet looking for someone who knew how to treat thyroid problems. I found Dr. Jocker's web page and Melissa Nohr. She has been there for me every step of the way to answer all of my questions and give me the support I needed. After lab tests, a new diet and a customized health plan, I am on the road to recovery. It has only been four months but I now have the energy to exercise, hike and enjoy life again. The plan is costly but it is worth every penny. In April of 2019 I felt that I was dying and today I know that I will meet my goals of being medication free and healthy again.  

Sally A.

After years of seeing various functional and integrative practitioners for multiple health issues, I still had several problems and no one was able to figure out the root causes. I finally ordered a lab test myself and discovered an infection. Because I had been reading Dr. Jocker’s website for a couple of years, I set up a consult with Melissa not knowing if it would actually be helpful or just wasted money and time. I was pleasantly surprised. Melissa was very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. She reviewed my prior labs and set up a protocol using diet and supplements to help. She continued to monitor my health and answer any questions or make modifications as needed. I am so thankful that I am feeling better now, having more energy and no digestive issues. If you’re trying to find answers for your own health issues and want support and guidance, I would definitely recommend Melissa.  


My experience with Melissa has truly been a blessing. After years of suffering with recurring episodes of kidney stones every couple months, I was becoming frustrated with not knowing why this was happening. I was desperate to get to the root cause of the problem especially because I am a healthy person overall, or so I thought. I came across Melissa on an online video and was right away impressed by her knowledge but especially by her caring and compassionate personality. I reached out to her for help, she was very quick to respond and was willing to help. Melissa made diet and supplement recommendations during the initial consultation which helped right away. I opted for 2 of the recommended lab tests and when the results were in Melissa contacted me right away with the results. Turns out I was not quite as healthy as I thought, but after following Melissa's recommendations for several months I can feel a tremendous improvement in my overall health. I am grateful to have had such a pleasant experience. She continues to follow up and checks in to see how things are going and to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone in need of guidance and support for any nutrition or health issue. 

Margie P. 

Melissa and I developed a coach/client relationship and it has been very rewarding. Melissa has helped me with motivation and support and created a health plan for me. She is a warm and caring individual that clearly comes through in our phone contact. She has made various accommodations for me that has afforded me to keep going. I have been blessed to have her as my nutrition coach.  

Louis C., Lance Corporal/USMC Vietnam Veteran

Five Star Rating:  

Knowing that Melissa is an attorney, I expected her to be an all-business, no-nonsense kind of person. When I actually got to sit down with her, I found her to be warm and caring, someone who could actually empathize with my own health struggles. She is frank and direct, and she is also kind, patient, knowledgeable, efficient, hard-working, and, so important, she has integrity.  

After years of trying to figure out my condition, having pretty much given up on health care professionals - conventional and complementary/alternative, it feels great to have someone in my corner who can recommend science-based testing, and then recommend various remedies based on that testing. No more guess work. No more reading scores of books and watching an equal number of health programs seeking answers. I am convinced that I’m on the last leg of this 30 plus year journey, and that Melissa is well able to coach me to restored health. I am grateful to the Lord for His guidance to this place of healing.  

And although I haven’t met Dr. Jockers, I believe him to be a kind and generous human being, willing to share a storehouse of knowledge with those who need it. Before I contacted anyone at Exodus Health Center, Dr. Jockers was incredibly helpful by providing a ton of “free” information on his website. That speaks volumes.  

An aside: In evaluating some recent blood work, Melissa found a condition of which I was completely unaware. We’re hoping some natural remedies will help. The people who actually ordered the blood work had missed it. Whew! Potentially dodged a bullet. Pat M  

"Melissa was there for me when I needed it most and got me on the right track. She helped me find a solution to health issues that suddenly happened and disrupted my life!" Sheri W

"Melissa is wonderful! I met with her a week ago and she spent time talking with me and then wrote up a plan and I am much better already! Also, whenever I e-mail her with a question she always responds quickly. She is passionate about helping others." Linda H

Melissa's kind and thoughtful spirit is so soothing in this process. I know she truly wants to help establish deep and long lasting wellness in her clients' lives. I'm grateful for her experience, knowledge and true concern. Anna S.

I want to share my wonderful experience with Melissa Nohr as my health coach/advocate. When I first consulted with her I was in so much pain and nothing I was doing seemed to make any difference. I was so desperate that I almost broke my promise to myself and contemplated going to Kaiser. Did not want to get into a "medical protocol" as I have watched my friends health completely deteriorate with doctor care(ie:many prescriptions-each leading to worsening consequences).  

In my 1st consultation with Melissa she recommended coconut milk and protein powder until she completed my personal plan. A MIRACLE!!! The absence of pain was immediate and with my personal plan and selected supplements, has allowed my to rejoin the human race and take care of my day to day needs. I went from not knowing what to do, to having someone to guide me every step of my recovery. I was very honest about things that may have caused my problems. Melissa does not judge and is so understanding. I have had millions of questions which I email and always get a fast response with helpful suggestions.  

I wish I had found her sooner as I could have avoided a difficult 2017. But now 2018 looks like it will be healthy and happy.  

Sheila in California

I subscribed to the ketogenic summit, and I was so fascinated by the quality of experts speakers. They were all such an inspiration to me that I decided to embark upon the Ketogenic lifestyle alone. But within a month, I became ill with terrible symptoms, Keto flu.  

Out of desperation, I searched for the ketoedge product and enquired via web chat. That was when I met Melissa. Melissa saved me. She is so inspirational, supportive and ever so caring. On one occasion, I was about to give up on this lifestyle because I was hungry all the time. But with Melissa’s expert support she encouraged me to carry on, and I am so glad that I listened. Another grateful act by Melissa was during my product advice. I was so glad she suggested that I should increase my carbohydrate load on certain days in order to reduce my symptoms.  

Melissa is an excellent coach!  

Monica United Kingdom

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