The Metabolic Autophagy
& Cellular Healing Masterclass

Have you ever struggled with low energy, brain fog, mood or memory problems?

Do you have trouble losing weight, chronic aches & pains, skin issues or trouble sleeping?

Do you have a family history of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

Do you want to improve your metabolic health, burn fat for fuel and have all day energy levels?  If so, this program is for you!

Our society is seeing an epidemic of chronic degenerative inflammatory diseases.  Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are all on the rise.  Our current medical system has no real answers when it comes to preventing these conditions and most people just assume, they are a normal part of aging.

The truth is that our bodies were created with an innate ability to heal themselves.  Every day, your body goes to work to help repair damaged cells and cellular components while getting rid of metabolic debris.  Unfortunately, our society today has created lifestyle habits that thwart this innate healing mechanism and overload our system with metabolic waste.

 “Autophagy” is the scientific term that means “self-eating” and is a natural process in our body where our cells break down damaged and senescent organelles (such as mitochondria) and recycle the raw materials to rebuild new, healthier and more stress resilient cellular organelles. 

Autophagy is the body’s innate mechanism for deep cellular healing and repair and it helps us reduce the effects of aging, inflammation and cellular damage. 

The Nobel Prize in 2016 was awarded to the Japanese researcher Yoshinori Ohsumi for his breakthrough work in helping us understand the process of autophagy and how it works.  If you are struggling with your health or desire to optimize your health, activating the appropriate amount of autophagy is a critical component.

This masterclass will give you in-depth video trainings along with image-rich, research-based guides to help you understand the tools and strategies to unlock your body’s dormant healing potential.  You will also learn my signature 6-week Metabolic Reset Cycle that will show you how to utilize advanced nutrition strategies for deep cellular healing!

This Masterclass is Designed to Help You
with the Following:

  • Burn Fat & Improve Your Metabolic Flexibility
  • Support Optimal Energy Levels & Mitochondrial Function
  • Reduce the Effects of Inflammation & Oxidative Stress
  • Regenerate Your Cells, Tissues & Organs
  • Age Slower and More Gracefully
  • Improve Your Mood, Memory & Brain Health

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Here's What You Get When You Order Today

Activating Autophagy E-Guide($27 Value)

In this image-rich, 59-page, research-based guide you will discover the key strategies to unlock your body’s innate ability to heal and repair itself.  You will learn about advanced nutrition principles, herbs and lifestyle strategies to drive up autophagy and deep cellular healing.  In this guide, you will learn the following:

  • The Groundbreaking Science of Autophagy
  • Top 7 Herbs to Enhance Cellular Healing
  • The Top Nutritional Strategies to Stimulate Deep Cellular Healing
  • Best Way to Exercise to Stimulate Autophagy

The 6 Week Metabolic Reset Plan ($27 Value)

Here you will discover the signature 6-week Metabolic Reset Cycle that will show you how to implement intermittent fasting, keto and carb cycling strategies to optimize your hormones, activate autophagy and improve your metabolic flexibility

  •  Autophagy Activating Nutrition Plan          
  • The 6 Week Metabolic Reset
  • Menstrual Cycle Optimization with Feast/Famine Cycling
  • Fasted Exercise:  Fat Burning, Autophagy and Anti-Aging
  • The Benefits of a 5 Day Water Fast and What to Expect
  • Partial Fasting:  Healing Benefits and Top 5 Ways to Do It

Cellular Autophagy and Metabolic Reset Recipe Book ($27 Value)

This image rich recipe book contains 52 tasty, nutrient dense recipes with beautiful images and easy ingredients.  You will find smoothies, side dishes, main courses, desserts and more that help you to stabilize your blood sugar, reduce inflammation and activate cellular healing pathways.

  • Real Food Keto Recipes
  • Nutrient Dense Carb Cycling Recipes
  • Autophagy Enhancing Foods & Herbs
  • Smoothies, Side Dishes, Main Course & Desserts

The Metabolic Flexibility Questionnaire ($12 Value)

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to change our metabolism to meet the demands of our environment and is a key marker of your mitochondrial function and cellular health. 

In this simple questionnaire, you will be able to identify your baseline level of metabolic health and track how you improve your mitochondrial and metabolic health over time. 

  • Track Your Metabolic Flexibility
  • Improve Energy, Fat Burning & Cravings
  • Stabilize Your Mood & Blood Sugar Levels
  • Monitor How Quickly You Are Aging

Brain Regeneration Guide ($27 Value) 

This image-rich, 42 page, researched-based guide can be read through in less than 1 hour and will show you the best strategies and protocols to regain control of your mood, memory and long-term brain health.  In this guide, you will discover.

  • The Ground Breaking Science of Neurogenesis
  • Neuroplasticity and How to Rewire Your Brain
  • The Best Foods and Herbs for Brain Health
  • The Importance of the Gut-Brain Axis
  • How To Stimulate Brain Cell Autophagy

Top 12 Blood Tests to Measure Inflammation ($27 Value)

In this image-rich 24-page, research-based guide you will discover what inflammation is in the body and the top 12 lab markers that most doctors are either not testing or are overlooking that measure subclinical inflammation and chronic inflammatory activity in the body.  In this guide, you will learn both the clinical ranges and the optimal ranges for these key lab markers. 

  • What is Inflammation & Major Causes of Inflammation
  • How Inflammation Damages Mitochondrial Function
  • Top 12 Markers for Inflammation to Request on Your Next Blood Test
  • Optimal Lab Ranges to Understand Your Inflammatory Levels

Metabolic Reset Video Series

($195 Value)

6 Week Metabolic Reset Cycle

Week 1:  Intro Phase

In this video, you will learn how to begin the metabolic reset cycle.  We start with reducing sugar and grains and implementing a daily 12-14 hour overnight fast. 

This is a gentle introduction to condition your body for future phases where we implement more advanced strategies to turn up fat burning and deep cellular healing.

Week 2:  Carb Backloading Phase

In this video, you will learn how to implement carb backloading to turn on fat burning and improve sleep quality.  This approach gently moves us toward greater metabolic flexibility and optimal hormone sensitivity. 

Week 3:  Metabolic Conditioning Phase

During this phase, we begin to stretch our intermittent fasting window and turn up fat burning.  You will learn how to crush cravings and become fat fueled. 

Week 4:  Keto Enhancing Phase

In this phase, we turn up our fat burning, reduce inflammation and get into a stable state of nutritional ketosis.  You will be regenerating your brain, boosting your mood, cognition and mental clarity.

Week 5:  Autophagy Enhancing Phase

In this phase, we implement a one day fast to turn up autophagy and deep cellular healing.  You will be optimizing your mitochondria and cellular machinery for greater energy and longevity.

Week 6:  Metabolic Flexibility Phase

During this final phase, I show you how to implement feast-famine cycling, carb cycling and intermittent fasting to create a fun and enjoyable lifestyle of high level metabolic and hormonal health.

Autophagy Course Video Series

What is Autophagy and 8 Ways to Enhance It

This video is a deep dive into the science of autophagy and the best strategies to activate it for improved health and healing.

Brain Autophagy: Healing the Toxic Brain

This video goes through the process of brain degeneration and the new science of neuroplasticity.  You will also learn advanced strategies to stimulate autophagy, detox your nervous system and both protect and enhance your brain health.

Cardiac Autophagy:  Healing Damaged Heart Cells

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the western world but new science has shown that a lack of cardiac autophagy is a key factor in the development of cardiac problems.  In this video, you will learn the science and the best strategies to heal your cardiac cells and blood vessels to give you the best possible cardiovascular health.

Skin Autophagy:  10 Strategies to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ that serves as a protective layer and performs essential tasks for your body. The health of your skin is essential not only for your looks but for your overall health. 

Autophagy is a critical element to improving your skin quality and reducing the impact of aging and inflammation.  In this video, you will learn the science and practical steps to improve skin autophagy and overall skin health.

7 Herbs that Enhance Autophagy and Cellular Healing

In this video, you will learn the best herbs that reduce inflammation and trigger autophagy and cellular healing.  I go through herbal synergies and key supplements to consider in your path to optimal health.

Feast Famine Cycling:  Autophagy, Cleansing and Muscle Growth

In this video, I discuss the importance of cycling between times of food abundance and food scarcity or feast/famine cycling.  You will learn how this method of eating helps to reduce inflammation, optimize hormone levels, burn fat and promote lean body tissue development while stimulating deep cellular cleansing and healing.

Fasted Exercise:  Autophagy, Fat Burning and Anti-Aging

Fasted exercise offers many extraordinary health benefits, including enhanced autophagy, increased fat burning, hormone optimization and anti-aging.  However, depending upon where you are in your health journey, it could also be very stressful on your body.

In this video, I show you how to implement fasted exercise in a safe and successful manner based around your health status and health goals. 

Inflammaging:The Role of Inflammation in the Acceleration of Aging

As we age, our body starts to slow down, break down, and develop various symptoms, ailments, and diseases. We accept this as a fact without thinking much about it. One of the reasons for age-related symptoms and diseases is inflammaging, a low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age.

In this video, you will learn the major causes of inflammaging and key nutrition and lifestyle strategies as well as the important nutrients and supplements to stop inflammaging and age with grace.

Gut Dysbiosis:  What is it and How to Heal Your Microbiome

Gut dysbiosis refers to microbiome imbalance that may develop as a result of various dietary, lifestyle, environmental, and health factors. Gut dysbiosis is one of the factors at the root of chronic inflammation and a wide variety of chronic health conditions.

In this video, you will discover the root causes of gut dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome and the best strategies to balance your microbiome and heal leaky gut syndrome.

Joint Inflammation Video: 

One of the most insidious conditions in our society is chronic joint pain.  In this video, you will discover the science of joint inflammation, the root cause factors driving it and the best support strategies to heal and improve your joints naturally.  

Expert Interviews
($59 Value) 

Fasting and Autophagy for Glowing Skin
with Naomi Whittel

Naomi Whittel is the NY Times best selling author of the book “Glow 15” and an expert in nutritional strategies and compounds that promote autophagy and optimize skin health. In this interview, we discuss the key strategies she incorporates to keep inflammation and eczema under control and create glowing skin and a healthy body. 

Fasting, Ketosis, Autophagy and Cancer
with Dr. Nasha Winters

Dr Nasha Winters is a breast cancer survivor, Doctor of Naturopathy who specializes in holistic oncology.  In this interview, Dr Winters goes over the role of fasting and autophagy in cancer prevention and treatment.

She discusses how to implement fasting to enhance conventional and natural cancer therapies to improve the benefits and reduce side effects.  She also goes over some innovative natural cancer therapies that are having great results.

Blood Sugar, Insulin, Inflammation and Brain Degeneration
with Dr David Perlmutter

Dr David Perlmutter is a 5 time NY Times Best Selling author and a clinical neurologist.  In this interview, Dr Perlmutter discusses how neurodegenerative conditions develop and advanced nutrition strategies to support brain health.

We also discuss the use of intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet for brain health and how to improve your mitochondrial health and fitness.

Fasting Strategies for Reducing Inflammation and Autoimmunity with Dr David Jockers

In this presentation, you will discover how intermittent fasting improves the diversity of the microbiome, improves the repair process of the intestinal lining and reduces senescent immune cells and improves immune regulation which fosters a healthy inflammatory process. 

Additionally, you will learn how to implement intermittent fasting, how to improve metabolic flexibility and energy efficiency and how to use feast-famine cycling strategies for robust metabolic and immune health.  

Feast Famine Cycling for Hormone Optimization
Dr Dan Pompa

Dr Dan Pompa is a world-renowned functional nutrition and detoxification expert who trains the top functional doctors all over the world in cellular nutrition and detoxification.  

In this interview, Dr Pompa shares how to implement diet variation and feast-famine nutritional strategies to reduce inflammation, optimize hormone expression and improve cellular health. n this presentation, you will discover how intermittent fasting improves the diversity of the microbiome, improves the repair process of the intestinal lining and reduces senescent immune cells and improves immune regulation which fosters a healthy inflammatory process. 

Additionally, you will learn how to implement intermittent fasting, how to improve metabolic flexibility and energy efficiency and how to use feast-famine cycling strategies for robust metabolic and immune health.  

JUST $37
For a Limited Time

About Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS

Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He runs one of the most popular natural health websites in which has gotten over 1 million monthly visitors and his work has been seen on popular media such asthe Dr Oz show and Hallmark Home and Family.

Dr Jockers is the author of the best-selling book “The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough” by Victory Belt publishing and “The Fasting Transformation.”  He is a world-renowned expert in the area of ketosis, fasting, inflammation and functional nutrition. He is also the host of the popular Dr Jockers Functional Nutrition podcast. 

Dr Jockers lives in Canton, Georgia with his wife Angel and his twin boys David & Joshua and his daughters Joyful & Shine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this program guaranteed to cure my health problem?

A: No, while this program cannot guarantee anything, the principles are well-referenced and there are many positive case reports using the strategies that are taught. Everyone is unique and will have their own path to healing. Our hope is that we can guide you in the direction of your best health and we are very confident that this program will help improve your life and that is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased!   

2. Will I need to purchase supplements in order to do the program? 

A: No, this program is designed around a specific meal timing nutrition program and other lifestyle-based strategies to improve your cellular health.  While we do mention certain herbs, nutrients and other supplement compounds to help improve your healing process, you do not have to purchase anything to have success on this plan.

If you do want to purchase products from our online store, you can use the coupon code Autophagy10 at checkout to save 10% on anything you purchase.  

3. If I am already taking a probiotic and other health supplements…will I able to continue?   

A: That is great, using probiotics, fish oils and other health supplements is recommended. If you feel as though you are getting excellent results with current supplements then continue to use them. 

4. I have been through a nutrition program in the past and I am still not better. What makes this different? 

A: This program was designed after 15 years of experience helping hundreds of others improve their metabolic health. Rather than just a healthy nutrition plan and supplement recommendations, we go deep into specific strategies to support deep cellular healing. This program will be unique from anything you have experienced in the past, as we tie together the cutting-edge science of autophagy, diet variation, feast-famine cycling and advanced healing strategies.  

5. What kind of results can I expect from the program? 

A: Most people notice improved fat burning, energy levels, brain function, mood, memory, sleep and skin health. We also are constantly hearing reports of improvements in digestion, better bowel movements, better hormonal balance and less pain.  

7. If I am traveling or going out of town…can I do this program?

A: Yes, you can absolutely do this program if you are traveling. You will just need to take some time to research wherever you are traveling so you know where you can access health food stores and restaurants with healthy meals that fit into the Metabolic Reset nutrition plan. For most people, I tell them it is best not to travel much during the initial 6-week program. Once you have this lifestyle established into your routine, then it will be much easier to travel and vacation while continuing to follow the Metabolic Autophagy principles.

Fortunately, once you register, you have lifetime access to this program, so you can do it at any time. If you are planning a long travel period than I would recommend beginning the program after you are finished with your travels. This way you will better be able to focus on being successful with the program.  

6. How do I know I am going to get the results I want? 

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that everyone is going to have great results, however, I feel so confident in this program that I am willing to give you a 60-day full refund if you don’t feel like the program was successful for you.

8. If I have any problems as I am going through the program, who do I email? 

A: You will email for any technical related problems you may be experiencing. If you have specific health questions involved with this program, you can email Hampton at If you are interested in health coaching, then you can go to this page to view the options for health coaching with     

9. My husband has dementia; will this program help him?  

A:  This program is not designed to treat any serious health problems and is for educational purposes only.  You should always consult with your doctor or functional health practitioner before beginning any new lifestyle program.  With that said, I believe the principles you will learn in this program will be life transforming for you and your husband.   

10. Can you exercise during this program?  

A: Yes, you can exercise during this program. In fact, I strongly recommend it. Based on your health history we can advise on what type of exercise would be best.